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3 Simple Tips That Help to Increase Car Fuel Efficiency
3 Simple Tips That Help to Increase Car Fuel Efficiency
Car LED Headlight

Car LED Headlight bulb Beginner Buying Guide

First of all, you should make sure that your optics supports the installation of LED bulbs since not every headlight can match LEDs. For a correct connection when installing the h4 bulb, you should also pay attention to the pinout. Also, pay attention to the dimension of the LED bulb. The size must correspond to the ...

drive in reversible lane

3 Tips to Drive in a Reversible Lane for You

There are times when the amount of vehicles on the road is much higher than what they can go through it normally. Occasionally strikes occur, such as exit and return operations. It is then that traffic agents can improve the flow of traffic with a reversible lane, adding (on roads with more than one lane per the direction of ...

Car Clutch

How to Prolong the Life of Your Car Clutch

On the driving style of motorists, not only depends on fuel consumption, but also the life of the vehicle components, including the clutch. To ensure that this part of the car, which is responsible for transmitting the engine power to the gearbox, has a longer duration, that is important to follow the following maintenance ...

Road Tips

Some Driving Road Tips for You

It is not necessary to wait for vacation or rest days to arrive, to perform a thorough inspection of certain components of the car to achieve maximum performance and safety. Given this situation, we present four tips that help make road trips as reliable as possible. The tires must carry the correct pressure level. Those ...


Subaru has managed to sell 10 million cars in the United States

Fifty-one years after starting the commercialization of vehicles in the United States, Subaru has reached 10 million units sold, a milestone that it achieved in the oldest distributor in the country. Subaru sold his 10 million cars to Dr. Craig Harmon, who bought a 2019 Subaru Impreza for his daughter at the Nate Wade Subaru ...

Chevrolet Malibu RS

Expanding the Malibu: 2019 Chevrolet Malibu RS review

Chevrolet engineers made substantial improvements with their most recent redesign of the Malibu, introduced for 2016. Well, the Malibu is the first CVT-equipped Chevy for sale to the public (the CVT was already available in some fleet vehicles), and CVTs themselves are a big deal because they tend to deliver more mpg, though ...