Car LED Headlight bulb Beginner Buying Guide

First of all, you should make sure that your optics supports the installation of LED bulbs since not every headlight can match LEDs. For a correct connection when installing the h4 bulb, you should also pay attention to the pinout.

Also, pay attention to the dimension of the LED bulb. The size must correspond to the dimensions of halogen light.

Expensive bulbs do not always live up to expectations; often, you overpay for a brand. But the quality and the effectiveness of 9006 LED bulbs from famous brands often surpass less known ones. Moreover, when buying a bulb from an unknown manufacturer, it is likely to purchase low-quality goods. Cheap LEDs almost always work worse than expensive counterparts. Besides, their lifespan is an order of magnitude less.

Having decided on the choice of a bulb, read reviews about this model on the Internet. Usually, if the product does not live up to expectations, the buyer will leave a negative review. If you find several such comments, it is best to refrain from acquiring it.

Car LED Headlight

When choosing various models of LED bulbs for cars, you should pay attention to the manufacturer, the size and shape of the bulb, as well as the location of the lighting factors on the chip. In addition to this, it also takes into account its lighting optics design.

For automotive bulbs, the color of the light flux is usually indicated by the temperature in degrees Kelvin. The most optimal color temperature is usually 4000K-6000K. At 4000K, the color of the luminous flux is the “warmest,” at 6000K, the color of the luminous flux approaches white daylight. It is in this range that the human eye perceives surrounding objects as clearly as possible, and it is precisely such a color temperature that is the best choice when buying LED bulbs.

LED manufacturers spent a lot of effort to develop how to simulate a filament by LEDs. Luxeon ZES (Japan), CSP (Korea) and, later, countless Chinese and Taiwanese counterparts, they invest lots of time and money on this. Thanks to the ability to make a long narrow rectangle of LED, it is at least approximately corresponding to the size and location of the filament in a conventional bulb. LED car bulbs can produce a light spot almost the same as halogen in fog lights. In terms of brightness, the led bulbs were not worse than traditional halogens. With an energy efficiency of diodes of 90-120 Lm / W, a bulb with a power of 15-20 W.

Car LED Headlight

Use an LED bulb in the car correctly

The important thing to know is whether your car’s headlight has a projector or not. Very strong bulbs in cars without a projector can dazzle drivers who come in the opposite direction. That is, instead of ensuring strong and safe lighting, it can cause accidents. The important thing is to buy an LED bulb designed to use in sets without projectors.

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