How to Prolong the Life of Your Car Clutch

On the driving style of motorists, not only depends on fuel consumption, but also the life of the vehicle components, including the clutch.

To ensure that this part of the car, which is responsible for transmitting the engine power to the gearbox, has a longer duration, that is important to follow the following maintenance tips.

It is common for driving in a hurry; the action of pressing and releasing the clutch is abrupt. Well, this rapid maneuver causes this mechanical component to suffer unnecessary wear.

No matter how fast we go, it is best to make the clutch maneuver smoothly; that is to say, you have to gently pull out and insert the pedal, slowly releasing your foot.

Prolong the Life of Your Car Clutch
In addition to pressing and removing the pedal smoothly, it is important to bring the clutch down to prevent wear of the mechanism.

The best is ideal is not to have any gear on and put a deadlock when stopped at the red traffic light. Another bad habit is to drive with the left foot resting on the clutch. This slight pressure will cause the clutch to wear faster. It is best to rest your foot on the footrest, which is what it is.

OK, many motorists have the instinct of a Formula 1 driver. However, this maneuver only causes the engine to consume more gasoline and the gear to engage more sharply.

Car Clutch
Many people gather to have a car with a manual gearbox for fear of standing in the middle of an uphill slope. To prevent the vehicle from going backward, what recommended is to use the handbrake since stopping it with the clutch makes it wear faster and can even burn.

Changing speed in the exact number and time, not only makes the clutch have more life but also helps to save gas. If, when changing speed, the car pulls, it should have reached more speed before going up. If it slows down, it is that it went too fast in the previous position (unless it braked with an engine).

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