Some Driving Road Tips for You

It is not necessary to wait for vacation or rest days to arrive, to perform a thorough inspection of certain components of the car to achieve maximum performance and safety.

Given this situation, we present four tips that help make road trips as reliable as possible.
The tires must carry the correct pressure level. Those who are under pressure not only jeopardize the ability to brake and maneuver safely (increasing the braking distance by up to 50 percent) but consume more fuel and wear more quickly.

Road Tips
1. It recommended that the pressure be checked with cold tires, since, if not, the hot air expands and inaccurate values ​​can be obtained. If you want to know the recommended values, the user manual must check, inside the doors, or under the fuel cap.

2. It is also important to check the tread depth. One of the easiest ways to determine it is by using a special gauge or wear indicator built into the tires. If the tread markers arranged transversely to the direction of travel are at the level of the drawing, it is time to change it.

3. It is also essential to check for scratches, cuts, and other damage to the tires. In this case, high loads during long trips combined with high temperatures and a low-pressure level could cause one of the tires to burst and, consequently, the possible loss of steering control.

4. It recommended taking a look under the hood to check the levels of oil, coolant, and windshield washer fluid. With the engine cold, oil and coolant levels should be between the minimum and maximum marks. So for a clear view, you should also check the windshield wipers. If they make scratches on the windshield or the contact with it is no longer adequate, they should replace it.

Road Tips
They can be checked by asking someone to check it out of the car, while they turn on one at a time. The lights are the eyes of the car, and if they do not work perfectly, visibility diminished, and therefore security is affected.
Standard safety equipment for any car trip includes a warning triangle, first aid kit, flashlight, and basic tool.

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