Steps to Take After an Auto Accident

Just how common are car accidents? You may be surprised! The National Highway Traffic Administration claims that every minute of the day there is an auto accident in some part of the world. In 2017 there were over 4.57 million accidents in the USA alone and that number has only risen. Are you prepared if you were to get into an accident? Do you know the steps to take?

Steps to Take After an Auto Accident

In this post, we would like to make sure you know what to do in case you are ever in an automobile accident.

Step 1) Check for injuries on yourself and others and call 911.

Step 2) Exchange contact information (names, addresses, phone numbers, vehicle, license number, and plate)

Step 3) Try to draw to recreate the scene while it is still fresh in your head. Take pictures of the cars, damage, license plates to help later with your claim.

Step 4) Once a police officer arrives, complete a report and don’t forget to ask the officer for a report number.

Step 5) Contact your insurance company as soon as possible to let them know about the accident and if any damage occurred.

After a wreck there are a lot of things to consider and it things can become very hectic. By following these helpful tips, you will know what to do and be covered after an accident. The most important step is to stay calm and know help is on the way.

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