How to Replace Rear Turn Signal Lights to LEDs on Chevy Cruze

Today I got some LED lights for my car 2012 Chevy Cruze and I haven’t wanted to convert the scene to led. These are some turn signal LED lights and I have also some brake lights as well. So we’re going to install these led bulbs on the 2012 Chevy Cruze. I have been wanted LEDs for a long time. I love LED lighting and this car is new enough. It should have LED lighting to have a modern looking. I will convert it all to LED bulbs. Several days ago, I have installed led fog lights, as well as the interior LED lights, so let’s get to it I don’t think this should take too long.


First, wo need to remove the rear tail light plastic lens by unscrew the mounting bolts.


Second, find where the bolts that hold the rear turn signal light assembly, remove the bolts, pull the rear turn signal light bulbs form inner assembly, disconnect it with the wires.


Third, Connect the 1156 led turn signal light bulbs on wires, insert it back to the assembly.

(Led bulbs should be connected with resistor first to simulate the working power of original halogen bulbs. Before doing this, I though the room of assembly is not enough to put in the led bulbs and resistor. But after verify, it is good enough)


Fourth, Insert and tighten the mounting boltss with a screwdriver to secure the entire assembly to the housing.


Fifth, start the engine, check if the led bulbs work well. And check the OBC and see if everything is correct.

I love these turn signal light, they looks so bright. I can’t tell I can see them they look so good. My car is completely LED now this is such a happy day for me like a hundred percent LED and I cannot be happier.


Below is the video for your reference. I did it step by step so you can just follow me to do this.

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