How to Replace Chevrolet Cruze Battery

Some vehicles like the Chevrolet Cruze have their 12-volt starting battery under the hood and it’s fairly easy to get. But in this case there is an electrical panel that covers the positive battery terminal and if the short battery version there’s a plate that holds the battery into the battery box and those things are going to have to be removed. Before you begin always check with the vehicle’s original equipment manufacturers instructions to be sure you don’t forget anything, you have everything you need and you can safely and efficiently replace a battery in a vehicle.

How to Replace Chevrolet Cruze Battery

1) Remove the negative battery cable from the negative battery terminal with a ten millimeter wrench;

2) Unlock the retaining tab from the battery’s fuse box cover, using a suitable screwdriver release the clip to the little window and open the battery fuse box cover;

3) Using a ten millimeter wrench loosen the battery and remove the battery retainer hold down, using 13 millimeter wrench to remove the positive cables -starter cable nuts and the positive battery cable – starter cable;

4) Using 13 millimeter wrench to loosen the 2 battery positive plate nuts and 10 millimeter wrench to loosen the positive battery terminal nut, remove the positive battery cable from the positive battery terminal;

5) Unclip the battery fuse box retainer clip and reposition the battery fuse box away from the battery from the vehicle;

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