How to Install Chevrolet Cruze Led Projector Headlights

Today we are going to show you the guide for the Chevy Cruze projector headlight installation. Before we get started you’ll need a 10 millimeter socket panel popper and the t15 Torx driver. Now, let’s begin with opening the hood. Step by step to show you the following:

How to install 2011-13 Chevrolet Cruze projector headlights

– Remove the four plastic retainers securing the fascia, then remove the two 10 millimeter bolts on either side of the grill

– Now remove the three t15 Torx screws securing the fender liner, remove the 8 to 15 Torx screws securing the fashio from below

– Next, go ahead and unseat the front bumper fascia, disconnect the side marker and fog lamp harnesses then remove the fascia

– Remove the four 10 millimeter bolts securing the headlight, unseat the headlight.Disconnect the headlight harness then disconnect the turn signal harness, locate your Hid projector headlight

– Reconnect the turn signal harness to the headlight, reconnect the headlight arnis seat the projector headlight

– Reinstall the four ten-millimeter bolts that secure the headlight, reconnect the side marker and fog lamp harnesses seat the front bumper fashio

– Reinstall the four plastic retainers to secure the fascia, reinstall the two 10 millimeter bolts on either side of the grill

– Then reinstall the eight t15 Torx screws to secure the fascia from below

– Last reinstall the three t15 Torx screws securing the fender liner

How to install 2011-13 Chevrolet Cruze projector headlights

Now just close the hood and you’re done. Before you drive your vehicle on the road, you need to check your headlight to make sure it connects all the wiring and works well.

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