How to Change the Transmission Fluid on your Chevrolet Cruze

Today we’re working on chevy cruze and what we’re going to be doing today is a drain and fill on a transmission.

At the front of the engine, this is the transmission, on the bottom you can see that black cap that is gonna be our transmission fill cap. so let’s try to loosen it up and it does come off right away real easily.

You’re doing this procedure the car needs to be level so you’re gonna lift up the car, make sure the car is completely level whenever he goes you can make sure that you drain it properly.

I’m going to lift up the car and we’re gonna check those bolts on the bottom, the field level plug is gonna be right behind the driver side front wheel, you don’t have to take it off.

Under the vehicle, we can see the transmission, the exhaust, the bolt and the drain plug, so let me get everything set up start draining.

Whenever you do a draining field, you can kind of gauge it by whatever falls off and you put the same amount in, and now I’m just gonna go ahead and replace the oil with new oil. Let it drain all the way out in the drip pan.

I plugged up the bottom again, I put about four quarts of oil in, it is leaking a little bit on the fueler plumb or done neville.

There we go the car and it’s already dripping through that devil plug, so we’re completely finished down have to plug it up for everything back. On the car needs to be running, so you can keep putting the oil lean that way, the pump is sucking up the oil and all oil level is that where it should be with a car on.

I will turn it on and then I’ll continue putting fluid, you know he starts coming out of the level plug and then after that we’re pretty much done gotta plug it back with this cap back on and we’re completely finished.

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