How to Change the Flat Tire Safely?

When you are cruising along and hear that awful thumping sound, it can only mean one thing, you’ve got a flat tire.

The trouble with changing flat tires is that it’s hard to be well practiced. If you are getting flats all of the time, there’s probably something wrong. For the next time it happens, here are a few tips on how to prepare for a flat tire and stay safe while changing it…

How to Change the Flat Tire safely?

When you get a flat tire, your first goal has nothing to do with the tire. It has everything to do with your safety. Immediately put on your hazard lights. Pull off on onto the shoulder, as far away from traffic as you can. If you are on a curve consider advancing slowly on the shoulder until you are beyond it. If you don’t feel safe exiting the vehicle, call for roadside assistance.

Always keep roadside flares for this kind of emergency. If you feel safe exiting the vehicle, place flares beginning about 50 feet behind your vehicle.

It’s also a good idea to check the pressure on your donut or full-size spare as often as you check the pressure on your regular tires. Nothing like getting a flat only to find that your spare is flat too! If this unfortunate event does happen to you, find a tire center near you!

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