Global Tuner Grand Prix Rules

GTGP has 3 basic classes; Street, Tuner and Unlimited in each of these classes we have 3 categories based on a vehicles drive. (RWD, FWD, AWD)

Street Class

Below is a basic outline of the Street Class see the complete rules in this section for a list of requirements.

Production based "street cars" must be "as delivered from manufacture" and sold to public.
Complete interiors are mandatory with certain exception for rear seat removal.
Street class must run a DOT street tire with tread wear rating of 180 or higher
Aerodynamic upgrades allowed but must original equipment as delivered from the manufacture.
Roll bars and roll cages allowed for safety purposes. Interiors must remain intact.
Fire extinguisher required within drivers reach- minimum 5lb.
Open to AWD, FWD, RWD cars.
No minimum ride height requirements.
Street class cars must run unleaded fuel. Absolutely NO leaded fuels.
Must run catalyst and catalytic convertors GTGP will test catalyst during the tech inspection process at the track.
Body work must be stock the only upgrades allowed are those sold through the OEM manufacture.
Cars must have stock engine displacement as delivered from manufacture
Wheels and tire width must fit within stock unmodified body work. The size of wheels and width tires is open. The only provision that is allowed is to roll the stock fenders to clear wheel and tires. The fender must retain the factory profile.
All cars must be registered and licensed. Proof of registration required at tech.
Maximum 2 way adjustable dampers stock pick up points all suspension.


A vehicle like this BMW 335i would be classified in the street car class
Stock body work
Fender unmodified
Factory rear spoiler lip
Interior unmodified


Tuner Class

Below is a basic outline of the Tuner Class please see the rules under this section for a complete list of requirements

Production based street cars with an emphasis on "tuners" or modified cars that are street legal.
Cars must retain a functional interior that you would expect to find in a street legal car.
You can upgrade and change seats, install lightweight carpeting, install competition harness. Interior must be neat and use able as it would be in a road car.
Expect to see highly modified street cars in this class from top tuners around the world.
DOT R Compound or DOT street tires allowed (no slicks) tires must be available to public for purchase.
Brake upgrades allowed
Aerodynamic upgrades allowed
Roll bars recommended and roll cages recommend but must work and be installed with full interior.
No stripped or gutted interiors. This will move you to unlimited class.
No minimum ride height.
No sequential gearboxes. Cars must have gearbox as equipped from manufacturer. No dog boxes, no straight cut gears.
(Certain vehicles are allowed to upgrade gear sets in vehicle for reliability purposes. No performance advantage – Gear ratio's must remain stock)
Suspension adjustability open but must retain stock pick up points.
Engine swaps allowed but must be from same manufacture.
Exhaust is open but must be a complete exhaust system, exhaust must exit past the rear axle of the vehicle.
Catalyst is required – ( high flow /racing catalyst allowed/ catalyst does not need to be in stock location but must be functional and working)



A vehicle with this type of interior would be eligible to compete in the "street" class as well as the "tuner" class.
The interior is neat clean and fully functional.
Carpet is retained, headliner is retained, door panels and windows are functional.
Rear seats have been removed but carpeting has been installed along with a cover for the access into the trunk area.
Our goal is to allow everyone a fair competition environment.
If you have any questions of your vehicles eligibility contact GTGP officials prior to the event to ensure your car is in its proper class.



A vehicle that appears like this would be eligible for the "tuner class"
Clean body kit, wing that is street able, front bumper upgrade allowed, rear bumper and side skirts allowed
Wheels and tires wider than factory but still fit inside the stock fenders.
NO add on fender flares unless available as a factory option from the manufacture or tuner.
(Complete fender with flair is allowed with a fender flair as long as the part is available to the public for purchase, fender and flair must be 1 complete part)
DOT R compound tires or DOT street tires allowed- NO Slicks
Rear wing – Maximum height 2" below roof line. Maximum width does not extend past the widest part of the vehicle , Cord depth open, end plates open.
Front splitter – Maximum 3" around the profile of the front bumper
Diffuser –cannot extend past the outer edge of the rear bumper

Unlimited Class
Below is a basic outline of the Unlimited Class please see the rules under this section for a complete list of requirements.

GT and Touring type race cars.
The GT class also includes highly modified street cars that are fully gutted & stripped.
Purpose built Time Attack cars.
Tires are open cars generally run DOT R or Full competition slicks.
Cars must have a minimum 6 point roll cage weld in or bolt in.
Aerodynamics are open
Brakes are open
No tube frame cars.
Slicks must be available to general public. NO super special compounds allowed.
If you are caught cheating you will be immediately disqualified.
Engines must be from same family manufacture of car. Ex.. BMW M3 with M5 engine ok, Honda to Acura ok.
No Porsche to Chevy or BMW with LS1 type conversions. Updating back dating is permitted, JDM and European specification engine allowed.

No Nitrous injection allowed.

Time Trial Class will run with Street or Tuner class

GTGP will accept Time Trial and Auto X competitors who have experience. Cars will fall into Street and Tuner classes based on modifications and tires that are being run. If you have a stock car and are running a DOT R compound tire you will be placed in the "Tuner Class".

As a general rule and classification: if your car is a high end GT car such as a ZO6 Vette, Ferrari Scuderia, GT2 /RS /GT3 or RS, Superleggera, R35 Skyline,Viper ACR & and your car is equipped with DOT R compound tires from the factory you will be placed in the Tuner Class. No excepetions. If you have a standard production model such as a regular corvette, 911 Carrera , Cayman ,Turbo Camaro, Mitsubishi Evo, Subaru STI, Acura RSX, TSX, Mercedes AMG, Audi S4/RS4 ,R8 , BMW M3, M5, Ferrari 360/430/550/VW R32, GTI Lamborghini Gallardo or LP and your car is delivered with a DOT street tire you are eligible to run in the street car class. Exotic cars or cars that are low production specialty models that are equipped with a DOT street tire maybe moved up to the "tuner class" at the discretion of the GTGP officials.

Formula Drift or Drifting Class will run with Unlimited or Tuner class
GTGP will also accept vehicle which compete in Formula Drift or "drifting" type events. These vehicles will generally run in the "unlimited class" however if your vehicle is lightly modified and fits into the Tuner Class specifications we may consider you for the "tuner" class. It is up to the sole discretion of GTGP officials as to which class you will be placed in.
Please submit a detailed specification sheet with your entry request and pictures of your vehicle.



As a general rule and classification:
If your car is a high end GT car such as a ZO6/ZR-1 Corvette, Ferrari Scuderia, 360CS, Porsche GT2 /RS /GT3 or RS, Lamborghini Superleggera, Nissan Slyline R33 ,R34. R35 Skyline, Dodge Viper ACR your vehicle will be placed in the "Tuner" class you are allowed to equip your car with a DOT R Compound tire if your car is not equipped with such tire from the factory.
You can change wheel width and size as well as long as the wheels fit within the stock body work. ( ex. Cars equipped with 19" can install 18" wheels and tires, width of wheel and tire size open)

If you have a standard production model such as a regular Corvette, 911 Carrera , Cayman ,911 Turbo, Camaro, Mitsubishi Evo, Subaru STI, Acura NSX, Mercedes AMG, Audi S4/RS4 ,R8
BMW M3, M5, Ferrari 360/430/550/VW R32, GTI Lamborghini Gallardo or LP and your car is delivered with a DOT street tire you are eligible to run in the street car class.
If you wish to run your car with a DOT R Compound you will be moved into the "Tuner" class.

Garage Space ( GTGP and GTGP Challenge Race)

Garage Space is available but the amount of garages is limited PLEASE reserve your garage space early. Garages are located on the front straightaway under the hospitality suites. We also have hospitality suites available for rent, please inquire for more details.

GTGP and GTGP Challenge Race competitors will have a pre-determined paddock space and location. Since paddock space is limited it is a requirement that we know how much space you will require. We will need the following information:

Transporter width and length (it doesn't matter if you have an 18" wheeler or a pick up with an open trailer, we need to know how much space you need.) In addition we will need to know the size of your awning and/or EZ UP.

Display Space in the main paddock.
For the first time in history Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca is allowing competitors to set up "Display Booths" adjacent to their paddock area. The only stipulation is that you are NOT allowed to sell product at your booth. You will be able to display any products, cars and hand out informational material. This booth space is available to participants, teams and sponsors at an additional cost.

GTGP was able to negotiate this unique opportunity with Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in order to allow participants and our partners the opportunity to showcase their products and services without being spread out all over the track. Teams who have larger transporters or are looking for additional display space will have the ability to obtain "prime space" throughout the paddock, in addition "garage style" paddock space will be available. If you are planning on having a display it is extremely important that you let us know as soon as possible so we can lay out the paddock accordingly.

Space is available on a first come first served basis. We have display space available as small as 10x20 or as large as you need, just let us know and we will work with you to place you in area of maximum spectator traffic.

The goal is to turn the main paddock area around the Yamaha market place into interactive paddock with displays to showcase the GTGP as an annual festival of speed.

The Global Tuner Grand Prix and Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca want to ensure that spectators and participants have a great time and it's important to ensure there is plenty of things to see and do throughout the 3 day weekend. This will be an opportunity for the fans to get up and close with you and the cars and view your products, services and speak to company reps. This has never before been available. Not even ALMS, Indy Car or any other series has been allowed this unique opportunity.

I'm a team or participant and I want to sell product on site who do I contact?
If you are planning on selling products or services booth space is available on a first come first serve basis. For vendors that will be handling monetary transactions the booth space will be located in the Yamaha market place across from the bridge between turns 3 and 4 and adjacent to the lake. Since Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca is sanctioned by SCRAMP we must abide by the rules set forth by the county. For more information to register as a vendor please contact